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Re: Should I withdraw choice hartmans1?

>>>>> "Ian" == Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

    Ian> Sam Hartman writes ("Re: Should I withdraw choice hartmans1?"):
    >> Would you like to propose a title you believe is more accurate?

    Ian> It is difficult for me to do that without being tendentious and
    Ian> possibly offensive, since I don't like the proposal.  What
    Ian> comes to my mind is something like Ineffectually hope to
    Ian> promote init diversity but I don't think you will like that!

So, in such situations, it often helps to focus on what a proposal does
rather than your opinion of it.

How about:

Init Diversity is Important but not Serious

I think two key differences between this choice and Dmitry's option are

A) Init diversity issues are valid for an NMU but are never serious

B) Dmitry's option puts specific obligations on maintainers to write
init scripts when it is easy to do so.

so, perhaps we can find a title based on those.

I'll also note that while you did take the opportunity to talk about why
you'd rank the proposal below FD, you did not answer the question of
whether you would like to see it removed from the ballot.

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