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Re: Should I withdraw choice hartmans1?

Sam Hartman writes ("Should I withdraw choice hartmans1?"):
> By this point we have a group of people who have consistently seconded
> options that promote init diversity.
> That is, we have a group of people who have gotten behind specific
> options.
> I'd like to ask especially those people whether choice hartmans1 should
> be removed from the ballot.  Within limits, I think more options is
> better, so my general preference would be to keep the option.  However
> especially if that option is sene as a distraction by the init diversity
> proponents, that could be a significant concern.
> At one point Dmitry expressed a preference for removing that option, but
> I don't think I've gotten feedback from others who have seconded (or
> proposed) the diversity options now on the ballot.

I am putting Dmitry and his other seconders in the To field of this
mail to draw their attention to this question.

My personal opinion:

I seconded Dmitry's proposal because I felt it should be on the
ballot.  I would vote Dmitry's option ahead of hartmans1.

I think the title "Affirm Init Diversity" for hartmans1 is rather
misleading.  hartmans1 seems to legitimise uncontrolled adoption of
non-daemon-startup systemd features; in this sense it is weaker even
than my compromise proposal.

Someone who is fully committed to init diversity should definitely
vote Dmitry's ahead of hartmans1.  I am not sure whether they should
vote vote even my compromise proposal ahead of hartmans1.  I'm in
discussions with some strong init diversity advocates about their
motives, to understand that better.


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