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Re: Simple Init Diversity statement (search for seconds)

[2019-11-14 18:17] Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org>
> >> The implication I would take as Policy editor from this option winning
> >> is that any systemd service that is not supported by (all?) other init
> >> systems in Debian must not be used, except in packages whose upstreams
> >> only support systemd.  Packages whose upstreams only support systemd
> >> may use those facilities freely.
> > I do not see how it follows from my wording. If under sysvinit server is
> > started on boot, and under systemd it is started on first request
> > (socket activation), that is fine as long in both cases servers perform
> > same.
> Ah, yes, sorry.  By "used" I meant "depended on."  In other words,
> packages may not require systemd-specific services unless the package is
> of software that upstream has designed to only work with systemd.  (They
> can use them opportunistically if they're available.)

Yes, this is intention.
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