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Re: [draft] Draft text on Init Systems GR

On 11/9/19 11:24 PM, Simon Richter wrote:

> Yes, that would be my desired outcome: an affirmation that Debian wants to
> be "universal". This has been our greatest strength for years.

Its a strength that wasted an enormous  amount of ressources. See
kfreebsd (which was actually really nice!) and Hurd, to name some
prominent examples.

People should not be forced to waste their time, but also we should not
necessarily stop them if they want to do it.

For me I think the only useful way would be to maintain all init-scripts
in a single package that gets pulled in with sysvinit. Whoever wants to
use and maintain it is free to do so. Initscript could actually be
installed using dpkg triggers or whatever else works.

(And at some time we can still move that package into an external

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