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Re: Q: Do you believe in Supercow?

On 15359 March 1977, David Kalnischkies wrote:

Mindless sweet talk might be boring through, so let me get some (wordy)
questions you can dwell on as much as you like (to improve stats[2]):

You know, if thats just some 1st april joke, its a bad one.
But there is some stuff in that can actually be taken serious, so lets

1. I said you all mostly qualify as minor contributors, but that is
based mostly on contributing in bugreports more than a decade ago.
You are in good company through: I am the newbie in the fellowship of
the cow even through I am only a few weeks away from my 10 year
anniversary!  Do you have any opinion on why it might be that way?

Old codebases usually do not attract many new people.

Or better yet, an idea on how to change that?

if you find out how, tell me what you did, so I can repeat it for dak.

2. There are glimmers of dissatisfaction hidden between "bikesheds",
"curl|sudo bash" and mentions of heretic tools like npm/yarn/cargo/….
Given a timemachine, infinite funds and unquestioned management powers,
what would you have made APT developers do one/two/five/ten/twenty years
ago to make you happy now?

Whats it this year with people handing out lots of magic? Is that a new
trend I missed?

I am not deep enough in the apt mud to tell you what would need to have
gone different whatever time ago to make us more happy now.

4. There is always the lingering question if Debian might become more or
less important in the future, but asking you that seems unfair as most
of you will not have a crystal ball. So my more realistic and totally
technically objective question is: Do you believe APT will be more or
less important (within Debian) in the future?

I've not seen a real replacement proposed, so it will at least stay what
it is. If it gets more or less depends on what you apt people do with

bye, Joerg

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