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Broader vision

Hello Mehdi,

in your platform there is a section "Vision" that deals with several
important practical aspects of Debian.

I see the DPL as a person that we choose for a year to give the project
a broad sense of direction, to inspire, to keep people's perception of
Debian up to date, to tell tales of what Debian has become, to tell
tales of the wonders that are about to come.

As a thought experiment, suppose that you managed to delegate all the
everyday tasks of approving expenditures, facilitating practical
decisions, even answering regular leader@debian.org email, to good and
skillful people you can trust.

You are then left with the one thing that you cannot really delegate: to
inspire. You are on the biggest stage in the project. Everything you are
going to say will instantly appear on LWN and at the top of Hacker News,
you are going to give keynotes in the most important conferences around
the world, participate in strategic meetings where the future of IT is
discussed, to see if and how Debian wants to be in it.

How do you see Debian right now?

How do you imagine Debian to be in one year, when you will be
summarizing the recent history in your campaign for re-election?

How do you imagine Debian to be in the distant future of IT, say, three
years from now?


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