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Re: encouraging events?

Hi Daniel,

On 17/03/2016 11:58, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Hi Mehdi,
> I've been reading over your platform, I couldn't help noticing it is in
> all seriousness better than some of the other candidate's running for
> high office right now.  The only other thing needed to be in that league
> of course is fostering good relations with Irish voters[1]

Thanks. I'll make sure this is taken into account next time. :-)

> If Irish developers were to try and organize a MiniDebConf for the
> weekend of 18-19 March 2017, would you be happy to support that as DPL
> and provide some funding if necessary to make it happen?

A mini-DebConf is a mini-DebConf. I don't see any specific reason not to
encourage it.

The procedure to get it funded is documented in [1].

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Sprints/HowTo



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