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Re: Restated Amendment: We Choose Wording of the Day

Yes.  that's the one I recalled that I liked.  Seconded.

Scott K

On Wednesday, September 09, 2015 01:08:39 AM Sam Hartman wrote:
> See  https://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2015/09/msg00016.html
> for the message to second if you choose to do that.
> Rationale copied below.
> As I discussed, in Andreas's resolution, I think that the strategic
> voting fix introduces more problems than it serves.  INstead, I propose
> that we don't fix that, but trust ourselves to propose ballot options
> that are statement-of-the-day-like ballot options not requiring a
> super-majority when doing so is wise.  I think that doing so is
> generally a good idea when you have a super-majority option and its
> opposite on the same ballot--when there is substantial contraversy about
> whether to move in the direction of the super-majority option or some
> other option on the same ballot.
> I have chosen to retain the preference for the default option in the TC.
> If four members of the TC really cannot live with an option, we're
> better off with more discussion or taking it to a GR.
> Even in the Init system discussion, which I think is the most
> controversial decision to come before the TC, several of the TC members
> who preferred options that did not win explained what changes would need
> to be made for them to consider options similar to the one that won to
> be acceptable (ranked above FD).
> As it happened, four TC members didn't think no decision was better than
> the decision we got: if four members had ranked the winning option below
> FD, the chair would not have had the opportunity to use his casting
> vote.
> We also have some strong evidence from emails where some TC members
> explained their balloting decisions including what they ranked above FD
> that the tactical voting people were afraid of didn't happen.
> We're actually quite good at deciding whether another round of painful
> discussion is worth the cost or not, and when people we've appointed to
> make these decision decide that it is, I'd rather not second guess them.

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