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Re: More women in key positions ?

>>>>> "Charles" == Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> writes:

    Charles> You probably noted that no woman was candidate this year, and that no woman was
    Charles> appointed to the technical committee in the recent replacements.

    Charles> Do you think that it is a problem that there are no women in key positions in
    Charles> Debian ?  If yes, what do you plan to ameliorate the
    Charles> situation as a DPL ?

As Mehdi noted[1], there are women in key positions already, and
considering how few women we have in the project, I agree with him that
the status quo is not terribly bad - even remarkable, if you look at the

 [1]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2015/03/msg00095.html

I wouldn't mind having more women in key positions, be those technical
or non-technical positions. But to get there, our aim should not be to
have women in such positions, but to have more women in Debian, in the
wider Free Software community, and in the even wider CS/IT field in
general. And that's one tough thing to accomplish, but we made - and are
making - progress. A more welcoming environment certainly helps, but
sadly our industry is not nearly as welcoming (or tolerant) to women as
we'd like it to be.

My aim is to help change that situation, in whatever way I can.


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