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Re: Q to all candidates: SWOT analysis

>>>>> "Lucas" == Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@debian.org> writes:

    Lucas> Hi,
    Lucas> You are probably familiar with SWOT analysis
    Lucas> (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SWOT_analysis).

I am not familiar with SWOT analysis, but read through the wiki quickly.

    Lucas> From your perspective, what are Debian's main strengths, weaknesses,
    Lucas> opportunities and threats?

Our strengths lie in our core values, in my opinion: in the social
contract and the DFSG. That, combined with our distributed, volunteer
developer base are what give us an advantage over others, in my opinion.

And therein lies our weakness too: noone really has control over Debian,
which is a terrific strength, but also a great weakness too. Why?
Because driving an entity such as Debian forward is way more difficult
with a large, volunteer developer base. And not only that: keeping it
working smoothly, keeping it relevant amidst conflicting interests is
going to be considerably more difficult, than if we didn't have these

A major "threat" I see is the increased reliance on other people's
computers, and containers, that make general distributions like Debian
less relevant. That's a segment where we aren't all that strong as we
could be. Not to mention that this environment can easily encourage more
liberal use of non-free software and tools. While that may not directly
threat Debian, those are a threat for our core values, and therefore, to
Debian too.

Our major opportunity would be to react to the changing environment. Why
would that be an opportunity, one may ask... It would be one, because we
may have an advantage there: we have well documented and understood
values and policies. Strong beliefs in what's right for our users. We
have been reliable for decades, and stayed relevant all these years,
despite all the change in and outside of Debian. With these experiences,
with our commitment to our values, we have the opportunity to conquer
the new world too.


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