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Re: More women in key positions ?


Le 2015-03-21 03:50, Charles Plessy a écrit :

You probably noted that no woman was candidate this year, and that no woman was
appointed to the technical committee in the recent replacements.

Do you think that it is a problem that there are no women in key positions in Debian ? If yes, what do you plan to ameliorate the situation as a DPL ?

I think that the question is much more large than that. I'd like to point out the fact that we already do have some women in key positions, and with highly important role (Front Desk, DebConf chair, Publicity team, ...). We may have technical subjects in mind but Debian is a big project and there are other non-technical aspects. The number of women we have in key positions is even
remarkable when we take the ratio of active women in the project.

IMHO, the question is rather why we don't have more women involved in Debian? ... and there are many factors. There are social and cultural factors about which Debian can't do much. For the rest, it is not new that there are very few women in the free software community. Initiatives like Outreachy (or rather OPW) showed great results and we expect the same in our community. We introduced the Code of Conduct and the Diversity statement. Both make Debian a more welcoming project. We should also take great care of keeping women who are participating.


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