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Re: Q to all candidates: DebConf orga

Le 2015-03-13 12:03, martin f krafft a écrit :
What is your perception of DebConf and its organisation?

If any, what changes would you like to implement?

First, I'd be careful here because we have DebConf chairs which are
official delegates. So, I'd leave them implement whatever changes
are required. At best, I'd make some proposals but I don't think it
would be nice to start by implementing changes there.

I've attended a few DebConfs and was always very impressed by the work
and organization. There a lot of people involved (locally or remotely)
and they have enabled Debian contributors to meet during one or two week
for the project. So I am grateful to all these people for past and
future editions of DebConf.

As many things we do in Debian, DebConf's organisation is quite complex.
But unlike Debian releases, DebConf doesn't happen when it is ready.
There are dates sets and a hundreds of people coming to the conference.
(and more and more, babies involved :p). The pressure has to be high on
the shoulders of DebConf volunteers and failure is not an option for them.
Fortunately, people involved in the local team of past editions get
themselves involved in next editions. So there is some experience that
gets passed on from a year to another. Organizers of future editions are
invited to participate in current organisation and attend meetings so
that they get used to the process and workflow. So, all this dynamic
is positive to make DebConf a success. But some questions pop up every
year about fundraising and accommodation. Fundraising has always been a
huge amount of work and there have been some uncertainties about its
feasibility for almost each conference. Sponsorship for attendees was
also subject to many questions since, for example, it really depends on
how you sell yourself when you ask to be sponsored.



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