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Re: Q to all candidates: the "DPL team"


Le 2015-03-15 10:44, martin f krafft a écrit :
Have you considered working with a "DPL team" and if so, why have
you decided against including such plans in your platform?

I have to admit that I intended to add a paragraph about it but didn't
because it is not easy to imagine how such a team will look like (in
terms of workflow, etc...). IMHO, It'd be hazardous for a DPL candidate
to make a proposal to enhance a situation that he never lived before.
I hear ex-DPLs speaking about the huge amount of work they have to do...
but it is not easy to make a firm proposal to help easing DPL's life
and freeing up some time.

The problem of sharing DPL's load is not new and various attempts have
been tested in the past. I also don't expect people to dedicate a year
of their life to help the DPL because it is not an easy choice
(otherwise, I think we would have more DPL candidates every year). For
that reason, I don't think I will have a 2IC with a formal delegation
for a year. I find the #debian-dpl initiative interesting and useful.
It is open for everyone and is specific to DPL'ish things (as its name
suggests). It helps the DPL to share and discuss ideas with interested
persons... and find minions^W helpers. I'd not call it a "team" though
as, usually, tasks are assigned to a single person. Thus, there is
limited interaction between "helpers" on their assigned subjects. Also,
different subjects require different skills. So I'd expect the list of
"helpers" to change over time.



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