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Re: Q to all candidates: spending money

Le 2015-03-13 12:08, martin f krafft a écrit :
also sprach Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@debian.org> [2015-03-12 10:16 +0100]:
All candidates: how will you reconcile that with the fact that the DPL currently only has a limited vision of what funds are available, and how
they evolved over time?

All candidates: what do you think about outsourcing some of the
gruntwork related to accounting and treasury to professional
agencies? The goal here would be to free up our volunteers to
develop Debian and actually force us into more discipline.

What I like in Debian is that we do things by ourselves. It may not be
the best choice ever always and for every situation... but we are
independent and it worked out quite well. It is something to be proud
of. The entire project is based on volunteering work. I'd like Debian
to continue using the same strategy. I do not feel your proposal is
going to give us a better visibility on our finances. Can you please
explain why you think that kind of work cannot ever be achieved with
volunteers? Or, maybe I missed your point?

Or maybe a better idea would be to create an external project that would offer this kind of services to free and open source projects? Admittedly,
SPI matches this description. Can you explain what you do not like with
their approach?

On a more funny side, how would you manage to find professional
agencies on which we will enforce the use of free software for the
work that they will do for us? Besides, Why do you think it will more
effective than the current status when uncertainty about finances also
comes from TOs statuses?



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