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Re: Can you all please stop?


Andrew McGlashan:
> The trouble is that the "hedgehogs" seem to be going for the /easy/
> option of giving in to systemd, rather that thinking about what is
> actually best in the interests for their works ... perhaps systemd is
> the best for them because it is becoming the "tyranny of the default"
> [1],

That article talks about default settings in software, particularly WRT
privacy. I don't think it's particularly relevant in this discussion, esp.
(a) this is about differing sets of features, (b) Upstream _has_ thought
about whether to support other init systems' interfaces (and decided
the time required to do that can be spent better elsewhere).

> going to be hard to revert later

(a) why should we want to do that?
(a1) if we ever do it, it's going to be an init with a comparable
     feature set. there is none, not now anyway
(b) it's not, given the shims and/or config file translators we
	already have

> rather than go the /easy/ way and succumb to systemd.
Do you really think that you can sway anybody's opinion here by comparing
systemd to an infectious disease?

And yes, it's easy. System administration and troubleshooting is _way_
easier with systemd than with anything else I've laid my hands on.
Sometimes, the "easy way" is a Good Thing.

-- Matthias Urlichs

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