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Re: Re: Legitimate exercise of our constitutional decision-making processes [Was, Re: Tentative summary of the amendments]

> Svante Signell:
> > 
> > > And OpenSUSE also dropped support:
> > 
> > Of course RHEL and Fedora dropped sysvinit support, they are Redhat
> > derived. Can anybody guess where systemd is developed?
> > 
> Well, OpenSUSE (and several others who have by now switched to systemd)
> are not. So?

Why do you cut out the most important part of that message? You all
trigged on the first part, I should not have mentioned any company at
all, sorry :(

> The more important that Debian does not drop support for sysvinit then,
> until alternatives have stabilized :) (and systemd/uselessd is deferred
> to PID 2). PID 1 should be as small as possible, see a proposed
> implementation in: http://ewontfix.com/14/

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