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Re: DPL candidates: managing the CTTE memberships

Hi Josselin,

On 28/03/14 at 10:57 +0100, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Hi Neil & Lucas,
> the DPL has limited powers on the member list of the technical
> committee. Especially §6.2.5 says that he can agree with the committee
> to dismiss one of the members.
> What is your stance on disruptive members in the committee? 
> Do you think it applies to some of the behaviors observed during the
> past year? 
> How do you intend to enforce it if necessary?

The TC is an interesting team. Due to its role, some amount of
disagreement among its members is actually a desirable feature, because
it's a good way to generate/expose additional ideas that, in the end,
might help build better solutions.

The TC had to take a very difficult decision recently. Expectedly, all
the stress, frustration and pressure has been hard on the members of the
TC themselves, and not all behaviour shown by those members was perfect.

I think that we need to accept that TC members are human beings, that
sometimes make mistakes. I don't think that it would be a good fair to
start a discussion about using §6.2.5 after the TC has just made their
hardest decision ever.

Also, I'd like to point out that the Constitution designs the TC and the
DPL as two very indepedent bodies. It would therefore be more natural
if the proposal to remove a member of the TC using §6.2.5 would come
from the other members of the TC.

> Similarly, what is your stance on conflicts of interest in decision
> bodies? This affects the CTTE, but also, the FTP masters, list masters,
> the DPL himself, etc.
> How do you intend to enforce it?

Debian is a central part of the lives of many DDs -- much more important
for most of us than our current employer. Many of us sacrificed a lot for
Debian: free time of course, but also sometimes employment opportunities
that would not be compatible with our Debian involvement.

Of course, CoI are a problem, and we need to analyze possible CoI when
they arise. But we also need to recognize that Debian is not just
yet another organization we happen to be a member of.

For delegated teams (the most obvious case where the DPL would have to
be involved), if a CoI arised, I would talk to the team to understand
the specifics of the case.


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