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Team health and actions


here's my question to the candidates[1]:

Please name three teams in Debian:

 1. a team that works well and in a sustainable way, and how a DPL can
    bring thankfulness and appreciation;
 2. a team that works well but not in a sustainable way, and how a DPL
    can help bringing sustainability;
 3. a team that does not work well, and how a DPL can address the

By this I don't mean to imply that a DPL should appreciate and help each
team in Debian: let us all be saved from nosy and micromanaging leaders.
Still, I see the DPL as a kind of spokesperson-facilitator for the
project, and I like the idea of exploring that job description.



[1] the DPL campaign seems to be the only time in Debian where you can
    ask someone to do something and be reasonably confident that they'll
    do it[2], and I wanted to enjoy this unusual feeling of power for
[2] I confess: my original idea for this question was "please set up a
    new data source in https://contributors.debian.org/ for a team you
    know well" :)
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