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Re: The Code of Conduct needs specifics

On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 09:25:37AM +0100, Wouter Verhelst wrote:

> The proposed code of conduct is not meant to be a law text; it is not
> meant to be all-encompassing. It is meant to show people what the right
> way to move forward is, and it tries to do so in a positive sense. This
> is after some discussion at debconf; my initial draft was phrased much
> more negatively. The point is that we're aiming this towards the
> contributors that we want to keep (to prevent them from straying from
> the path, or from unknowingly misbehaving), not towards those that we
> don't want on our mailinglists.

I agree 100%: if I end up having an unconstructive behaviour, I'm in
such a state of mind that I won't check on a list to see if it's
something I'm not supposed to do. Discouragement and enforcement is not
a use case where I think a negative list can help.

Solveig's email made me think of a different use case, though: telling
those we want to keep, but who are new on our mailing list, what they
can expect. Something along the lines of:

  "Things like these are not supposed to happen to you. If they do, it's
  a bug, please report it to <people>.
  If something happened that made you uncomfortable and you don't see it
  in this list and are unsure it's a bug, you can ask <people> in full

I have found it useful, in other kinds of communities, to see content
along those lines and ajdust my cautiousness and defensiveness

That use case is something that I think now is addressed by close
friends who are already in Debian and can provide support and take
action. We may currently be leaving out those who do not already have
close peers who are already well settled in Debian.



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