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Re: All DPL candidates: Time dedicated to the project + team

Hi Sylvestre,

On 13/03/14 at 10:58 +0100, Sylvestre Ledru wrote:
> Hello,
> We all know that the DPL position is very time consuming. From what I
> heard, it requires a couple of days
> per week to be efficient.
> So, my questions are simple:
> * Are you allowed by your employer to work during the week on DPL tasks
> or is it something that you are going to do on your free time?

My day job offers me a lot of flexibility in my time management. It is
not a problem for me to spend time during the day to work on DPL stuff,
with the agreement of my employer.

Starting in September 2013, I also benefit from a reduced teaching
workload (which was not justified by being DPL, but by research projects).
In the end, it was also very useful to free up time to work on Debian

The current reduced teaching workload arrangement ends in August 2014.
But I have already secured, provided I am re-elected, the same reduced
teaching workload for next year (September 2014 -> August 2015).
Additionally, this time, it's justified by my Debian work, as Université
de Lorraine (my employer) and Inria (the research institute sponsoring
the teaching workload reduction) clearly understand the importance of
Debian and of Free Software in general.

That arrangement has proven to be sufficient during my term, even if, at
times, I've been clearly super-busy. I also learned a lot of things
during my first term, so I hope that I could build on that a bit during
the second term.

> * Are you considering a second-in-charge or a "DPL team" (like the DPL
> helpers but with more official roles) ?

This is covered in my platform (sec. 3.3.2), but the short answer is

In the context of your first question, I would like to stress that, even
if the 'board' idea does not enable me to offload more tasks to others,
I am still prepared to cope with the DPL workload. I just hope to be
able to do more thanks to it!


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