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Re: Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems

Once again, you rant multiple lists whilst hiding who you are.

I am Zenaan Harkness. I have some (not all) strongly held views.

As an aside, I shall use systemd and have tried a few times now, but
have a technical issue or two with my setup when using systemd, which
I need to find time to solve first - I intend to use systemd as
default init regardless of the outcome of any GR that may or may not
happen - I really do read and appreciate the technical superiority of
systemd, even though I have since a year now been unable to find time
to solve the issue stopping me from using it.

I don't hide behind a "persona" which is clearly political in its
agenda - and you hypocritically accuse others of being political... OH
the irony!

On 3/3/14, Natural Linux <naturallinux@dcemail.com> wrote:
> "Clearly such blatent politicking tarnishes that respect, and I'd imagine"
> "this is becoming a popular point of view."
> "
> "Cheers,"
> "  Paul"
> Says the systemd camp, which uses politics in every fight it wages

Notwithstanding, your email is not politics?

No name?

A persona "Natural Linux" - makes me wonder if you're into nude
bushwalking or something.

> (and it usually wins). Using the tech-ctte to change the OS in a
> fundamental way itself is an abuse of power, in an improper venue

Abuse of power claimed, by an anonymous _you_, and AFTER the fact.

Come on, you need to try a little harder for a truly good troll.

Don't get me wrong - you might have some important views and you might
have some significant contributions to make to the future of Debian,
but you are doing a sterlingly poor job of marketing these views you

It might be that you are simply not aware of how bad you are
presenting yourself. Firstly you need to cool down. Then, you need to
be honest - go public (I'm sure many of us guess who you are, but hey,
we ought assume you have good intentions) as in, don't hide behind
your personas (and you really ought to avoid attaching other's
personas when you yourself are using one - we call that hypocrisy, and
really bad marketing too).

> created to decide disagreements among package maintainers, not
> to go around everyone's backs and make sweeping changes to the
> core of debian linux. I think Ian even pointed out that the
> technical committe was the improper venue.

There must be avenues for proposing changes to the Debian structures,
if process is lacking, invent it and propose that first.

If you truly hold the beliefs you are less that successfully
promoting, then hold a steady course ... and good luck.

> Also I read all the emails, everyone said that a GR with more than
> 50 percent vote should be able to override said decision.
> Then systemd won 4 votes to 4, and now the systemd camp opposes
> anyone holding a general resolution and is trying to stall and
> not allow such a thing to be called.

A classic case of FUD, preying on the lack of knowledge of (some of)
your readers to assert (by implication) bad intentions and actions
which are not possible.

Again, really bad form if you have some good points in there somewhere.

> Pulling the ladder up after you've achived your improper victory
> (through politics). Note from whom the systemd camp derives their
> salarys and income.

More of the same.

> But yea, anyone who stands up against systemd is a troll, or dissapointing.

Baseless reverse-psychology assertions.

> Four people get to decide what operating system debian is.
> Four. And we have to accept that for some reason.

Not four. Eight! They don't get to decide. They DID decide!

If you think a GR will get up, stop hiding behind your persona and
propose it. I highly doubt such a GR would get the votes though - make
Debian a black sheep of the GNU/Linux world? Unlikely that 50%+1 DDs
would vote for that, NOTWITHSTANDING all the technical reasons for the
(apparent) superiority of systemd...

I shall refrain from calling you a troll. I assume you have strongly
held, yet fundamentally good, intentions, and are simply failing
dismally to communicate effectively at this point in time.

So good luck, and if you want respect, you might try toning it down a bit,

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