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Re: Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems

"Clearly such blatent politicking tarnishes that respect, and I'd imagine"
"this is becoming a popular point of view."
"  Paul"
Says the systemd camp, which uses politics in every fight it wages
(and it usually wins). Using the tech-ctte to change the OS in a 
fundamental way itself is an abuse of power, in an improper venue
created to decide disagreements among package maintainers, not
to go around everyone's backs and make sweeping changes to the 
core of debian linux. I think Ian even pointed out that the
technical committe was the improper venue.

Also I read all the emails, everyone said that a GR with more than
50 percent vote should be able to override said decision.
Then systemd won 4 votes to 4, and now the systemd camp opposes
anyone holding a general resolution and is trying to stall and 
not allow such a thing to be called.

Pulling the ladder up after you've achived your improper victory
(through politics). Note from whom the systemd camp derives their
salarys and income.

But yea, anyone who stands up against systemd is a troll, or dissapointing.

Four people get to decide what operating system debian is.
Four. And we have to accept that for some reason.

>Ian, I'm extremely disaspointed in this childish behavior of trying to
>insert a malicious trap-door to a decision.
>I'm *EXTREMELY* disaspointed in this.
>I'm CC'ing DAM.
>This is, at minimum:
>  1) A abuse of power (inserting a backdoor in a decision)
> *snip*

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