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Re: [all candidates] delegation

I thought I'd answered everything again, but then I made the mistake of mentioning Charles's post to Gunnar....

Which reminds me: please tell me if I've missed a question on this list during the campaign period that you were hoping for me to answer.

On 2013-03-28 22:36, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
However, this topic does raise a question: Knowledge transfer. I might
be arguing on something marginally related to the vote at hand, but
anyway, when delegations shift (be it due to burnout, retirement,
rotation or whatever), we should make it as easy as possible to
transfer the acquired knowledge from the ex-delegates to the new

Writing documentation is often seen as a boring, painful task. Yet, it
is a very important thing to do. So, prospective DPLs, would you see
as part of the delegation the requirement for outgoing (if possible, I know it's not always the case) and incoming delegates an obligation to
check and update documentation with the latest practices?

I definitely agree about the importance of good documentation, including within Debian teams. And it would make sense to document as part of our good-practice guidelines for teams (that I propose in my platform) that this kind of documentation is expected.

But equally I'm not sure that it would be useful to un-delegate a team because they had failed to write the documentation that their potential successors would find necessary to get started in their job.


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