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Re: [all candidates] delegation

On 25/03/13 at 23:55 +0800, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Hi all,
> One of the key role of the DPL is to delegate.
> What are your intention in this regard? Do you think that the current
> teams and roles are well filled? Or would you like to change some of the
> people currently holding a position? Why (not) changing anything?


Our teams are generally working very well. Are they well filled? They
are surely filled by very qualified people, but not all the teams have a
lot of spare manpower.

If elected, one of my first tasks will be to do a "status check" of our
core teams, to:
- understand who is active currently, who is going to be active in a year,
  who is active but would like to step down, ...
- encourage the teams to think about possible new members, so that they
  can be contacted and trained early.
(I will not go through every team (including all packaging teams),
but instead focus on the teams that have the ability, when
malfunctionning, to severely harm the project.)

In his platform, Moray writes:
| I would also like us to take a more pre-emptive approach to such issues
| by encouraging more turnover of members between different teams

I think that most teams require quite specific skills, and most team
members like what they do. So I'm not going to force or encourage people
to move to other teams. However, I think that it is important that our
teams are sufficiently staffed so that one can leave a team without
feeling guilty.


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