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Re: To all candidates: which way out of the project ?

On 20/03/13 at 11:22 +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> Hi,
> I did not manage to formulate a better subject... the question is about what
> should be the usual way to end our formal membership in the Debian project.
> In Debian, we stay member until we die or quit (or very exceptionally, are
> expelled).  The consequence is that it is hard to evaluate how much active
> members we have.  It may also create more crispations about giving membership.
> We often discussed about how to become a member, but more rarely about the
> other side of it. I would be interested to read your opinion, especially on the
> implications that the current practice, or possible changes, have for the
> project as a whole.

As KiBi pointed out, we have MIA. And we also have WAT runs (the idea
was to do regular pings of otherwise inactive DDs -- no vote, no upload
during the last n months), though I'm not sure that WAT runs were done
recently. (WAT runs:

Inactive members are quite harmless, I'm not sure if we need to spend
more work detecting them. Detecting inactive package maintainers is more
much useful.


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