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Re: [all candidates] discussions in -devel


On 20/03/13 at 00:00 +0100, Serafeim Zanikolas wrote:
> Dear candidates,
> In the words of Lars [*]:
>     We're not very good at dealing with situations where a few individuals
>     are dominating the discussion by being loud, insistent, and unwilling to budge
>     or to give any credence to opposing views. I don't know what to do about that,
>     but we clearly need social and possibly technical tools for this.
> According to Lars, behind the scenes diplomacy is not sustainable. It seems to
> me that the only way to solve this issue effectively is to make trolling
> harder (requiring more effort) than ending it.
> Our usual approach of darwinism (whereby a single hacker's solution gets
> gradually adopted) does not work here because any attempted solution (social,
> technical or both) requires some kind of upfront policy change (and, for
> technical measures, some kind of infra change).
> How do you propose that we go about dealing with this issue, keeping in mind
> that it's imposs^Wchallenging to get to consensus about non-technical and
> potentially controversial policy (moderation) changes?

Basically, my "solution" is three-fold:
- Have healthy discussions. I discussed that in
- In rare cases, use the TC to decide, as discussed in
  https://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2013/03/msg00246.html and
- In some cases, use polls to measure consensus, as discussed in

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