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Re: [to all candidates] Accessible software in Debian

Vincent Cheng <vincentc1208@gmail.com> (18/03/2013):
> Slightly off-topic, but since you bring up GNOME 3 as a specific
> example of how Debian has regressed in terms of accessibility...how
> exactly has GNOME regressed? It still has AFAIK the same set of
> accessibility features [1] as it did previously with GNOME 2, and it
> is easily accessibly via an icon on the top bar of the shell (you
> can't even get rid of it without an extension), and the
> gnome-accessibility package is pulled in by a number of other gnome
> meta-packages in Debian. Admittedly I myself don't use any of those
> features, but I'm curious to know why you consider GNOME 3 not as
> accessible as GNOME 2 was (i.e. are they any specific features dropped
> in GNOME 3)?

For starters, GDM is not accessible:


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