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Re: various ideas

On 2013-03-17 07:00, Paul Wise wrote:
Would becoming DPL increase the chance that you would work on any of
these ideas?

Would not becoming DPL increase the chance that you would work on any of
these ideas?

Becoming DPL would certainly make work on this myself:

   better communication on Debian fora

If you mean what I think by the ideas, then becoming DPL would make me much more likely to try to encourage/recruit others to work on, for example:

ending the tyranny of unix permissions/groups - move more projects to collab-maint
   remove Debian-specific stuff
       split branding into separate packages
       add more to UDD
       base more services on UDD
use distromatch to link to patches, bugs etc from other distributions
       reduce the impact of the freeze on development
mail people when their packages do not migrate instead of when they do
       oldstable security support until stable+1 release
clarify/obsolete the conflation between bug severity and RC-ness
       support information in Release files and user notification
revive package promotion/reviews and promote them from packages.d.o (543343)

If I am not elected DPL, it's fairly likely that almost all my Debian time will continue to be taken up by DebConf. Hypothetically if I am not elected but decided to take a break from DebConf anyway, I would bear in mind your list of ideas.

Although I have more ideas/plans of my own for Debian work, I think that the items mentioned in my platform, plus issues arising during the year, will be enough to keep me busy if I am elected. As I say there, I do not see pushing my own specific ideas (including the ones in the "Specific ideas" subsection of my platform) as primary to the DPL role.

I do have some ideas in note files as well as in my brain -- I should probably follow your example and throw them into the wiki, so that others can join me in not getting round to them.


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