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Re: not being elected?


On 17/03/13 at 12:19 +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> Candidates,
> What do you plan to work on if you are not elected?
> Will not being elected de-motivate you?
> Will you work on the things in your platform even if you are not
> elected? Most of the things mentioned there are not DPL specific tasks.

A DPL election is a quite strange process. We vote for people as well as
platforms and ideas, and it's difficult to translate success or failure in the
election to success or failure in other particular area.

Of course, not being elected will be de-motivating. I ran because I thought I
would be a good DPL, and I'm not convinced yet that the other candidates would
be better than me (but YMMV :p).

Most of the things I mentioned in my platform do not require DPL powers, but
would be much harder to do if I was not elected. For example, I should not
be expected to push for "fostering innovation inside Debian".

Also, a large part of what I planned to do was to coordinate so that good ideas
are implemented. I believe that it's the DPL's role to ensure that this
coordination happens. 

Tasks I am quite sure I will do are:
- continue to improve and extend UDD, and explore how it can contribute to
  improving our processes (including, but not limited to, team-maintenance and
  our sponsorship processes).
- investigate the "localization" of -mentors@ and #-mentors. Language is often
  a barrier for new contributors. That sounds like a low-hanging fruit.


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