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Re: not being elected?


At last an *easy* question to start the day with! Thank you!

Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> writes:

> What do you plan to work on if you are not elected?

I have not made plans. There are many similarities between all three
platforms, and in our goals, so most likely, I will first wait and see
where things go, and decide how and where to proceed along the way. (But
see below)

> Will not being elected de-motivate you?

Demotivate? No. Perhaps a little sad, for a very short time.

> Will you work on the things in your platform even if you are not
> elected? Most of the things mentioned there are not DPL specific tasks.

If not elected, the time I can spend on these tasks will be much less,
as I will not be able to use work time for it. But nevertheless, I'll do
my best to further the goals I see as important.

> Gergely Nagy, was not being elected in 2012 de-motivating?

Nope, not at all. It's not easy to demotivate me, when I set my mind to
something. (Read: I will continue running for DPL until I win, and then
some more, each and every year, as long as I'm certain I'll have the
time needed to be of good service.)

I was reasonably happy with the results last year - I hoped to fare a
bit better, but the results were in the same ballpark.

> In 2004, how did you feel about getting votes after running as a joke
> candidate?

Relieved, that people have a sense of humour. Happy, because I reached
my goal: NotA received more votes than I did. Overall, I enjoyed the
whole process, and loved the outcome too.

The best though, was the feedback I received during and after the


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