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Re: All candidates - quotes for the press if you win

On 2013-03-13 14:13, Neil McGovern wrote:
Could you provide a couple of sentences (no more) for the below?

Here are some answers, intended to be appropriate for a press release, as requested.

* How do you feel about having won the election?

"Following Stefano as Debian Project Leader feels a huge responsibility. I want to thank him for the huge amount of work he's put in over the last three years, and I hope I can show a little of the wisdom that he's shown in the role."

* What is the main thing you're looking to change in your first 100 days?

"I plan to start by working on some internal topics that can help us grow and advance our goals better in the future. In particular I want us to agree on some good practice guidelines for teams and leadership positions within the Debian community."

* What do you view Debian's greatest challenge in the coming year?

"I hope that we release the next version of Debian, codenamed 'wheezy', without major delays. I look forward to seeing the burst of activity and new technical ideas that always follows each release, when we open up the development process to major changes again after some months of focusing on fixing bugs."

* How important is Debian directly, now that Ubuntu and Linux Mint have grown so popular?

"We now have many derivatives, each with a different character, and each of them makes Debian a more important part of the free software community – we have many users who don't even know they are using Debian's work. Debian itself is easy to install these days, and incredibly reliable, but I'm happy about the success of these derivatives and keen that we make it easy for them to integrate their work back into Debian."

Of course, I expect these could be improved in the review process.


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