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Re: All candidates - quotes for the press if you win

On 13/03/13 at 11:13 +0000, Neil McGovern wrote:
> Hi all,
> This may be a thinly veiled attempt to get some work out of my way
> before the election, rather than after it. However, it may also be
> useful for voters in determining their ballots!
> Could you provide a couple of sentences (no more) for the below?
> * How do you feel about having won the election?

It's difficult to answer that question now, and if I won, I'd rather
update my answer after that ;) But I suspect that I would feel a mix of
honored, frightened by the upcoming job, and eager to start working.

> * What is the main thing you're looking to change in your first 100
> days?

I like to keep an open mind. I find the -vote@ discussions very
interesting, and it's still possible that the "main thing I'm looking
to change" has not been mentioned yet.

> * What do you view Debian's greatest challenge in the coming year?

Release wheezy, and start the next cycle on good bases.

> * How important is Debian directly, now that Ubuntu and Linux Mint have
> grown so popular?

Debian is the rock-solid basis on which Ubuntu and Linux Mint are built.
Ubuntu and Linux Mint would not exist without Debian. Or at least, they
would be very different.

(I partially answered that question in my platform:

   Debian should aim at reinforcing its position in the center of the
   Free Software ecosystem. It should be the main active intermediary
   between upstream projects and final users. Of course, providing a
   good basis for derivatives is important, because derivatives users
   are Debian users, even if some of them do not acknowledge that. But
   we should also aim at reinforcing the visibility and the impact of
   Debian itself, because the extremely important values we fight for as
   a project are often neglected by our derivatives.


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