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Re: All candidates - quotes for the press if you win

Neil McGovern <neilm@debian.org> writes:

> Could you provide a couple of sentences (no more) for the below?
> * How do you feel about having won the election?

Sad, ready, happy and humbled. Sad, because only one of us could
win. Happy, because of the trust the voters showed towards me,
humbled for the same reason. And ready to serve.

> * What is the main thing you're looking to change in your first 100
> days?

The biggest thing I'm looking forward to changing the first 100 days is
the transition period. I'll be working tirelessly to pick up the tasks
and start out on the journey of improvement.

> * What do you view Debian's greatest challenge in the coming year?

The greatest challenge I foresee is growing up, out from being a simple
(for some values of simple) distribution with a great community and
unimaginable talent into something much more.

> * How important is Debian directly, now that Ubuntu and Linux Mint have
> grown so popular?

Debian is *the* universal operating system. No matter how popular
downstream distributions will become, this will always remain the
case. It is very important that we not only maintain, but improve our
standing, and learn from our downstream's success.


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