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Re: [all candidate] what is your dayjob?

Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> writes:

> Being the DPS is for sure a very demanding job. So I would like to know
> what your current activity is (what is your paid job). Please also
> explain how much your activity may (or may not) allow you to have time
> for the DPL activity.

While I partially answered this elsewhere, it was only partially

I'm working at BalaBit, both as a member of the technical support team,
and as a syslog-ng OSE developer. As of this writing, my time is equally
divided between these two, but in the very near future, I'll be doing
syslog-ng OSE development only, at which point I'll be getting paid to
work on free software. My employer is very flexible, and also very
supportive of my running for DPL, so while I won't be able to spend
eight hours a day doing my DPL duties, I will be allowed to do quite a
lot of it on work time.

In short: my day job and my employer is flexible enough to leave me
enough time for DPL activities. (There's also some overlap between my
work and DPL duties, which also helps.)


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