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Re: [all candidate] what is your dayjob?

On 2013-03-15 11:21, Thomas Goirand wrote:
Being the DPS is for sure a very demanding job. So I would like to know
what your current activity is (what is your paid job). Please also
explain how much your activity may (or may not) allow you to have time
for the DPL activity.

Quoting my platform,

"For paid work, I am currently a freelancer."

"How would I have time to be DPL?

- On previous occasions I'd ruled out running for lack of time, but I am more flexible currently – and I might not have such flexibility any more in another couple of years, so am running now. - I currently spend a large amount of time on DebConf, and would reduce this, while drawing on the experience I have gained there. - I am self-employed, so can be confident that my employer will be flexible when required."


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