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Re: [all candidates] vote time?

On 14/03/13 at 14:10 +0000, MJ Ray wrote:
> Dear candidates,
> How much time do you think voters should spend reading these discussions?

Dear questioners,

How much time do you think DPL candidates should spend answering those
questions? :)

More seriously, I find most of the questions/discussions very
interesting, even if answering them is quite exhausting.
I think that the volume of questions clearly shows that people are
interested in discussing the project's politics (or, that DDs really
enjoy torturing DPL candidates).

Maybe we should try to have some of those discussions on a more regular
basis, outside DPL elections?

> With the benefit of some hindsight, do you feel that you are being
> concise enough to achieve that time?

Being concise is clearly an objective for me. Also, when writing my
platform, I tried very hard to focus on the most important things, and
excluded most of the rather obvious things.

> Would you change anything about the DPL or GR processes to help achieve that
> time?

I don't see anything that could be changed about that without very
negative consequences.


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