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Re: [all candidates] Work balance and traveling

On 2013-03-12 20:31, Arno Töll wrote:
Moray mostly answered my question already, but if he wants to extend
he's surely invited to elaborate. [...]
So I wonder, will you step back from
maintainer/team activities during your term?

For anyone reading who didn't yet memorise my platform, I wrote there:

"How would I have time to be DPL?

- On previous occasions I'd ruled out running for lack of time, but I am more flexible currently – and I might not have such flexibility any more in another couple of years, so am running now. - I currently spend a large amount of time on DebConf, and would reduce this, while drawing on the experience I have gained there. - I am self-employed, so can be confident that my employer will be flexible when required."

Of course, as DPL I would continue to interact with the DebConf team, press/publicity teams, etc., but in a different way from currently.

The great majority of my packages are already team maintained.

Moreover, I wonder how much time you intend to spend for representative conference/summit work, where zack once again did an impressive job to
represent Debian in talks, press and presentations.

And for this point, I wrote:

"I would be willing, and available, to attend events and to give talks on behalf of Debian. But I don't think that this kind of role of representing Debian should be limited to the DPL, or to people in high-profile technical roles. Where Debian money is used to fund travel purely to give talks, the priority should be to send a good speaker who will present Debian well, taking into account travel costs for possible candidates. Where good speakers feel that they lack an appropriate Debian position from which to represent Debian and gain speaker slots at conferences (including because they previously held such a position but have retired), I would be happy to give them some appropriate title by a delegation."

I would expect to do a fair amount of travelling as DPL, but I would try to focus this on the events where it is most useful for the DPL in particular to be present. And I currently travel internationally frequently for work, so if that continues I would hope to add some Debian activities onto those trips.


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