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Re: [all candidates] Work balance and traveling


Arno Töll <arno@debian.org> writes:

> Sorry to tell, but you're all compared to zack leaving back some by-now
> established patterns as a DPL. So I wonder, will you step back from
> maintainer/team activities during your term?

Most likely, yes. While the packages I maintain are fairly quiet and
take little time to keep in good shape, the less I have, the more time I
can spend elsewhere. I already am in talks with someone who'd take over
two of my packages (libmongo-client & ivykis), and I'm open to give up
or co-maintain all the rest too (except for dpatch and dh-exec). By the
way, I intend to reduce the number of packages I maintain whether
elected or not.

I'm also looking for someone to take over the unofficial syslog-ng
packages I maintain[1], as *that* takes tons of time. Reasonable
progress is being made on that front too.

 [1]: http://asylum.madhouse-project.org/projects/debian/

As for my other activities.. I still owe Ganneff and the ftp-master team
a pdiff patch, I intend to see to it before the end of the campaing
period (really, this time!). I'd also like to peek at NEW from time to
time, and contribute comments, because that is quite often a very
soothing experience.

On the other hand, if elected, we'll have to find someone to keep an eye
on -bugs-dist and misfiled bugs, because that takes a significant amount
of time too, and unlike processing NEW, I sadly don't find it all that
rewarding. (Noticing said bugs is easy, the research, reassign, comment,
etc part is the trouble.)

> How do you intend to handle your existing Debian commitment, in case
> you're elected for DPL?

See above. But in short: keep some, surrender most.

> Moreover, I wonder how much time you intend to spend for representative
> conference/summit work, where zack once again did an impressive job to
> represent Debian in talks, press and presentations.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to match up to Zack in this
regard, but nevertheless, I'll do my best. I'm in a fortunate situation
where my employer is very supportive, and if elected, I will be allowed
to do DPL duties during work hours, among other things (this also
includes being able to attend events I otherwise may not be able

As for conferences/summits, I believe that representing Debian on these
events is important, but if the DPL can't make it for one reason or the
other, a delegate should. There's a lot of people within Debian who can
represent Debian very well, and are far better known than I am, who
accomplished a lot more within the project than I did, have a lot more
experience speaking, and so on and so forth - it would be great if this
part of the DPL duties wouldn't be viewed as being restricted to the
project leader alone.


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