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Re: [all candidates] Work balance and traveling


On 12/03/13 at 18:31 +0100, Arno Töll wrote:
> Hi,
> while reading your platforms I noticed that you're rather vague on your
> future Debian commitment for that one of you ending as DPL for real.
> Moray mostly answered my question already, but if he wants to extend
> he's surely invited to elaborate. Hence, my question primarily addresses
> lucas and algernon:
> Sorry to tell, but you're all compared to zack leaving back some by-now
> established patterns as a DPL. So I wonder, will you step back from
> maintainer/team activities during your term? You are both well known for
> your work within Debian, lucas' archive rebuilds come me in mind
> immediately, and algernon likewise for his tireless work behind the
> curtains (reassigning lost bugs. Does anyone else besides him read
> debian-bugs-dist? Helping on the mentors edge and more).
> How do you intend to handle your existing Debian commitment, in case
> you're elected for DPL?
> Moreover, I wonder how much time you intend to spend for representative
> conference/summit work, where zack once again did an impressive job to
> represent Debian in talks, press and presentations.

If elected, I will reduce my involvement in other areas of Debian:
- I will stop doing Ruby work (I'm getting tired of it and I need to
  move on anyway). We have two quite new DD in the Ruby team who are
  very active and doing great work, so it's a perfect time to stop.
- Now that I did the work to move the archive rebuilds infrastructure
  to AWS (see http://www.lucas-nussbaum.net/blog/?p=718), someone else
  can do the whole process without my help. In the worst case, no archive
  rebuilds during the first year of a release cycle (imagining we will
  release soon) is bad, but not as bad as during the second half of a
- UDD could stay in maintenance mode for a while. There are also other
  DDs involved in its maintenance.
- Most of the packages I maintain are either low-maintenance, or

I will be able to spend more time on Debian than I currently do¹. The last
months of my personal life have been rather difficult, and required a lot
of time to be dealt with, but this is now over.
¹ well, I'm not talking about since the discussion period started ;)

My day job offers me a lot of flexibility in my time management (I have the
same position as Stefano). Travelling to conferences to talk about Debian is
not a problem.

Finally (and the most important), I don't plan to do all the work alone.
I will continue the DPL helpers initiative, and really hope to get
some help from there. This is important also for the project on the long
term. I find it quite sad and worrying that we only had three DPL
candidates this year. Having an active group of people willing to
contribute to DPL shores will make running for DPL less frightening for
potential candidates.

Note that even if the above completely fails, this does not mean that I
will go MIA. I'm quite an organization freak, and I'm used to
prioritizing, so I'm very confident that in the worst case, at least the
important stuff will get done.  Note that I've been doing archive
rebuilds on a quite regular basis since 2007 with only rare
interruptions. ;)


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