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Re: Usage of Debian's Money


On Tue, 12 Mar 2013, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
>   3) For what kind of things?
> Since you are asking the question, isn't it up to you to come up with
> ideas/examples? :) I find it difficult to discuss such things in the
> general case.

On Tue, 12 Mar 2013, Moray Allan wrote:
> In fact I fear that it's logically impossible for me to give
> examples to demonstrate my point.  My claim is that I would be open
> to new ideas from others about spending money, and actively look for
> suggestions.  Anything that I suggest myself here is by definition
> not a new idea from others!

Since both of you want examples of possible uses of money, here you have
some that I quickly came up with:

1/ Grant some amount of money to the release team to offer as bounties on
release blocker issues that are not going forward.

2/ Have the ftpmasters write up a spec of what needs to be done to finally
have "ddeb support" (or "PPA" or ...) and use Debian's money to contract
with someone (unaffiliated to Debian?) to actually implement the spec under the
supervision of ftpmasters. Copyright of the code written would fall under

3/ Buy advertising space on various media to recruit new contributors and
lead them into our (improved) mentoring infrastructure. Offer goodies as
rewards to new contributors who successfully played some game which
tricked them into contributing to Debian.

> I suspect that I would be unconvinced by most ideas that suggested
> that we spend spend money in ways that it would not be permitted for
> SPI to spend money under relevant legislation and the SPI by-laws.

What kind of restrictions are you referring to?

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