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Re: Why do you think you are a good candidate for DPL


On 10/03/13 at 13:40 +0100, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> Why do you think you are a good candidate for the next DPL term?

Eh, that's a difficult question. Also, I suspect you mean "be a good
DPL" and not "be a good candidate", right? Anyway, I will answer about
"be a good DPL".

That's a difficult question because the role of the DPL is rather
complex, and actually quite loosely defined (i.e. mainly defined by how
past DPLs behaved -- the constitutional definition only covers a small
part of the DPL role). This also means that it is OK for DPLs to be
different, and explore different ways of being a "good DPL".

However, the "level 0" of being a good DPL is taking good care of the
project, making sure that there are no big blockers faced by
contributors. This might seem natural now, but a few years back, it was
not unusual for some part of the project to be completely stuck for

Of course, to achieve that, I will inspire from what was done by
previous DPLs for that. As written in my platform, I will also try to
improve on being more proactive at detecting problems, since it's way
easier to solve them early.

Why do I think I would be good at that? If I just say "I would be good
at that", you might not be convinced. :) So let's be a bit more

I have a reasonable experience in contributing to reaching consensus.
For a specific example, I drove DEP1 on the current policy. But there
are several other discussions that could serve as examples.

Also in general, I'm generally considered reliable and well organized.
My personal organization is inspired from Getting Things Done and Inbox
Zero. So I'm likely to be throughout and reliable in solving problems.

Then, once "level 0" is achieved, a role of the DPL has been to provide
a structured "vision" for the project, and contribute to driving longer
term evolutions (using Debian's usual consensus-based processes, of

I think that my Debian contributions show my ability to start and drive
projects. And regarding vision, well, look at my platform. Of course, I
believe in what I wrote, or I wouldn't have written it. But you are free
to decide whether it's good or not :)


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