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Re: [Draft] GR: diversity statement for the Debian Project

On Mon, May 07, 2012 at 08:05:33PM +0200, Francesca Ciceri wrote:
> > I agree that this should go out. Just, we have "our community" twice in
> > the text. <pun>Any linguistic expertise with us we could possibly
> > welcome?</pun> 


> > Anyway, it sounds strange enough to me to suggest
> > substituting the first occurrence with just "us". And, since we also
> > want new contributors to also interact constructively between
> > themselves, and since to me it is somewhat redundant in the first
> > place, I would even feel inclined to remove the "with our community".

> I'm not sure about removing the "with our community", but as this is a
> style problem (and not a content one) I'd postpone the discussion on it
> (asking for proofread on -l10n-english) after the vote.

I can't agree with this.  The wording of position statements matters - what
we ratify should be posted word for word on the website.

But I also think the crowdsourced review on debian-project has already been
more than sufficient and don't think there's any point in further
"proofreading" on -l10n-english.

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