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Debian's trademarks and logos, and their terms of use.

Dear Wouter, Gergely and Stefano,

one of the conditions for a work to be considered free is to allow others to
use it without making contribution back to the original authors (even if we
whish everybody would do when they can).  In the non-free section of our
archive, we therefore have software where the authors reserve commercial use
for themselves.

In contrast with what we require for the software we distribute, we are
forbidding to use some of our logos for profit.  While there are some clear
differences between software and carriers of visual identity, I feel that there
is a strong mismatch between what we ask and what we give, if we reduce a
software on one side, and Debian's reputation on the other side, to the fruit
of the efforts of their makers.  Said differently, I see a contradiction
between forbidding people making money by printing our name on T-shirts, and
requiring that all the software we distribute can be used for profit.

I would like to know your position or vision on our trademarks and logos, and,
if you indend to work on that question as a DPL, what would be the key points
of your action.

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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