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Re: Debian's trademarks and logos, and their terms of use.

Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> writes:

> In contrast with what we require for the software we distribute, we are
> forbidding to use some of our logos for profit.  While there are some clear
> differences between software and carriers of visual identity, I feel that there
> is a strong mismatch between what we ask and what we give, if we reduce a
> software on one side, and Debian's reputation on the other side, to the fruit
> of the efforts of their makers.  Said differently, I see a contradiction
> between forbidding people making money by printing our name on T-shirts, and
> requiring that all the software we distribute can be used for profit.

There is a huge difference between copyright and trademark. While I like
to see my software under a free license, I would not neccessarily want
my name to be used by or associated with some of the places where they
are used.

> I would like to know your position or vision on our trademarks and logos, and,
> if you indend to work on that question as a DPL, what would be the key points
> of your action.

I think all three of us have a similar position, and vision. Allow me to
not echo back what Stefano and Wouter have written already: Stefano
explained it well what steps we should take, and what work is already
being done to update Debian's trademark policy, and Wouter also
expressed his concerns, and the dangers of a policy too weak.

If elected, I'd ask Stefano to supervise the work he started, and bring
it to completion.


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