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Re: Finding sponsors for Debian

Arno Töll dijo [Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 09:55:25PM +0100]:
> as somebody who pushed $work to donate money to Debian (i.e. via
> FFIS), I always wondered about the financial merits of these
> donations. As much as I am involved to work within Debian, I have no
> clue what you used "our" money for. I am probably not literally
> interested what for you spent the money we donated, but I think
> sponsors would appreciate or be more interested to donate if they
> could see in a more popular advertisement what Debian spends money for
> (i.e. something more handsome than SPI board minutes) and possibly
> getting little "thank you" post cards or some merchandise (e.g. a
> coffee mug or a T-Shirt) as a symbolic acknowledgement of gratidude.

Well, we now have a Debian Auditor, a position that in part answers
precisely that kind of queries. And also, as said earlier in the
thread in d-vote, Debian's main annual expense is DebConf. DebConf
*tries* not to use Debian funds and to be as completely sponsor-funded
as possible. We have also published final status reports which,
although maybe not cent-by-cent, include a general insight on our main
money expenses — So you can think your $work helped fund some Debian
people to get to the DebConf that happened in $donation_year :-}

> Actually, $boss asked me the other day how to support Debian better as
> he wasn't very convinced about usefulness of money donations to Debian
> as he didn't get much feedback about that, other than a tax deductable
> receipt.

We have talked (and I mean in DebConf, that's the area of Debian I
spent most of my orga-work in) about allowing this year for a better
way of identifying precisely _what_ is a donor giving — As we did many
years ago, we will allow sponsors to target their money to a specific
target. So, i.e. we will be able to say "the conference dinner was
kindly sponsored by Toell.net". Does it sound interesting? :-}

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