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Finding sponsors for Debian


This is a question for all candidates.

Over the years, I've always been very surprised to see that there's very
little money that Debian is able to get. I'm convinced that this
situation could change with a bit of involvement from the DPL, and that
such money could help a lot the project. For example, sending open
letters to big companies, and letting them know that we do accept
monetary contributions could help.

Also, comparing to derivative, I estimate that a distro like MiNT gets
as much as at least 3 times money just by google adwords and browser
start page. Of course, I'm not advocating for adwords on www.debian.org,
but I feel like there's a big room for improvement.

Having more money for travel sponsorship would really be great, and
could improve the project and its infrastructure.

Do the candidates feel the same way as I do? What types of actions could
be done to improve the current situation, which if I'm not mistaking,
isn't great this year?



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