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Rationale for GRs


I've been thinking for a while now that it would be good if general resolutions had a Rationale with them. At the moment, it can be difficult to establish the key arguments for and against a particular proposal, unless you have the time to wade through an often-lengthy thread on debian-vote, which not all DDs read.

I would like to propose, therefore, the requirement that anyone proposing a GR be required to provide a short (no more than, say, 500 words) summary of why they believe the GR to be necessary. A similar requirement would apply to those proposing an amendment.

In the interests of fairness, those opposed to a proposal but not wishing to amend it should also be allowed a rationale. My suggestion here would be that A set of DDs (equivalent to the requirement for amendments) could have an opposing rationale added to the GR; I would envisage only one of these per GR.




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