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Re: Debian Project Leader Elections 2011: Call for nominations


Am Donnerstag, den 10.03.2011, 12:35 +0000 schrieb Enrico Zini:
> On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 01:10:18AM +0100, Amaya wrote:
> > Thanks for having me in mind, but I want zack to win again :9 and the
> > mudslinging party at the nomination proccess puts me off, sorry.
> Thanks for pointing out the mudslinging part. I've always thought it's a
> completely unnecessary waste of energy that we could really do without.
> I don't think the DPL election needs more than people presenting their
> intended agenda and chances to commit to it, and questions asked to
> clarify details.
> The rebuttal part I find particularly funny, as it tends to be either "I
> mostly agree with what you say, although I see priorities differently"
> or "You're a nutter candidating as a joke but I have to waste half an
> hour in a strange ritual in which I find some formal diplomatic way to
> say it".
> The role of DPL has probably become more clearly defined over time: give
> talks and interviews, ping people, put people in touch with people.
> Because of that, I think the process of picking what active member of
> the project we will particularly listen to for the next year, could do
> with a lot less drama than we're used to.

of course it seems nice if everyone agrees and we just pick the
candidate that is most capable of representing the ideas everyone agrees

On the other hand it could also be a sign that Debian is stagnating or
has become unattractive for people who have different aims and view
(within the scope of the SC).

A mudslinging party is not something to aim for. But if it turns out
that there are differing views on important project-wide issues within
Debian, and there are candidates for each side of some discussion, then
having an intense debate over these issue within the rituals of the
campaigning, summarized by platforms and rebuttals, for those not
following d-vote, and ended by a project-wide election seems to be
better than some endless discussions between few people on d-devel or

If we want to keep Debian known as one of the most democratic Free
Software projects, then we should not discourage a lively debate, when
there is need for it.

But this year, of course, it would already be nice if we would not make
zack talk to himself during campaigning :-)


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