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Re: GR: welcome non-packaging contributors as Debian project members

Re: Gunnar Wolf 2010-09-14 <[🔎] 20100914170611.GE26449@gwolf.org>
> Yes, the naming clearly stems from when we were a flatter, simpler
> project with all-or-nothing participation. But we now have Debian
> developers which are not DDs, Debian maintainers which are not DM, and
> will surely have Debian contributors which are not DCs.

I don't think the confusion is that bad with Developers. Maintainers
that are not Debian Maintainers is an unfortunate misnomer, ack. For
Contributors, the discussion period is open :)

> I'm thinking... If DD could be seen as an aggregation of privileges
> (such as what I said in my previous mail, that DC+DM≈DD), adding just
> one more step could make the process complete. Something along the
> following lines, and bear with me with the ugly namings:

The equation does not hold. DM is much less than DD - no new binaries,
and the entry barrier is way lower. There is no P&P or T&S for DMs.

> Current	name		New name		
> Debian Developer	Debian Full Member
> Debian Maintainer	Debian Restricted Package Uploader
> (none) 			Debian Package Uploader
> Debian Contributor	Debian Nontechnical Member

The names you propose sound very technical. I would prefer if we go
for something nice. (I'm pretty sure that most of us want to keep the
"Developer" title.)

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