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Re: GR: welcome non-packaging contributors as Debian project members

Re: Luca Bruno 2010-09-14 <[🔎] 20100914120120.c0d3f45b.lucab@debian.org>
> As we still remember the big "on terminology" thread[0] and we don't
> want here to create more confusion nor to start the big renaming race,
> I think it will be better to leave terminology out of this GR, as this
> will introduce even more ambiguity: aren't sponsored packagers
> debian contributors(lowercase) too?

Any name will be generic to some extend, unless it is long and ugly.

> I'd thus propose not to call them Debian Contributors (DC) now, and let
> NM/DAM team pick an appropriate name when reforming the procedures.

The idea was discussed, and that's the name we came up with. If
someone has a better idea, please tell us, and I'm sure zack will
update the proposal.

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